Theme 2017: Pune, a Confluence of Cultures

The Pune Heritage Festival 2017 brings to you an imagination of Pune’s future through a different perspective of Pune’s past. Our Festival Theme for this year – ‘Pune, a Confluence of Cultures’, is influenced by the fact that Pune, as we know, is growing exponentially. So many people from different parts of the country and nationalities are living in this city.

Today our understanding of Pune varies within the existing geography of the city. Ask a resident from Kothrud or Deccan, Baner or Aundh, Camp, Kalyani Nagar or Koregaon Park, Dhankawdi or Undri.. “What’s your Pune?” – the experiences vary! Yet we all proudly claim that there isn’t anything better than OUR Pune!

This festival we come together to know our shared past, trace our diverse roots, and explore the varied influences that continue to bring us closer as Punekars.  Whether it is the ancient history or Mughals, Marathas, British or later the Parsis, Punjabis, Gujaratis, Marwaris, Rajasthani…even French, German or Japanese and many other cultures; Pune has evolved its peculiarities through the confluence of diversities which is now an important part of our legacy.

Pune bears several identity markers of such cultural confluence in architecture, language, clothing, art and craft, sports, traditions, festivals etc.We extend the confluence to natural heritage aspects – confluence of rivers, geology, topography, climate, diversity of trees, flora and fauna etc., all of which shapes our experience of Pune and makes Pune a wonderful place to live and work.

All activities in this festival will try to address the theme. What is a better way than an exhibition on Confluence of Culture…more info about this coming soon!