Day Pass @50₹ Only!

For the last five years the Festival has been organizing 70% of its activities free for all. We would not want to change that at all! However, this year you may enjoy all free heritage walks, tours and workshops by buying a Festival Day Pass @ INR 50 Only.  Passes will have to be bought on-the-spot. Here is how…

  • Buy the Day Pass at any of your first festival event in a particular day during the festival.
  • Make sure you attend the earliest festival event in a day so you can optimally utilise your day pass at all other free events in that day.
  • It is compulsory to carry your Day Pass to all free events. If you don’t then you will just have to buy another one!
  • Exhibitions and open events like Cycle Rides, Games and Quiz do not need Festival Pass. Check your festival schedule which will guide you on events that need Festival Pass.
  • Festival Passes are also not valid for paid events.

Your Day Pass contributions will support our partner organizations to offer bigger, better and free activities to engage public with heritage and culture in Pune!



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