10 Tips to help you plan your event!

We know planning a perfect event for the festival can be confusing. You may have a lot of questions. So based on the past year, here are 10 tips on what works well for events during festivals:

1. Events that involve creative interactions are well received.

So find unique ways to engage your audience. Trigger all their senses by using images, audios, videos, tools, point out details, etc. After the event, communicate- feedback and comments!

2. Events that cater to a wider audience are more successful.

Identify your target audience, and build communication accordingly. Events that engage multiple generations are more entertaining. Make your event accommodating. Have something for everyone!

3. Signage at the event and parking info are essential.

For everyone might not know the venue, provide details to avoid last minute delays!  Hint: Use Google Maps, Landmarks, etc.

4. Punctuality is appreciated.

Very much!

5. Events held over weekends receive a better response.

So submit your events in time to get time-slot of your choice!

6. Event duration of 2.5 hours (average) are better received.

Pune Heritage Festival captures the rich cultural heritage of this region. Allow people to get the most out of your event.

7. Regular follow up is expected from you as it ensures the smooth flow, organization and promotion of your event. 

Festival is a busy time for the team. Keep in touch with us through emails and phone calls in case you are experiencing any issues.

Help us help you!

8. Indoor event should happen within safe and clean premises with proper sanitation facilities. 

Drinking water and toilets, to say the least.

9. In case the event is outdoor, particularly out of Pune, particularly of the nature of trek or adventure activities, the associates are expected to submit in writing, prior to the event, the details of the safety measures taken during the event.

Festival organizers are not responsible for any mishaps or mismanagement during an associate event.

10. Event should also cater to non-Maharashtrians who form a large audience.

Because Pune is a Confluence of Cultures!

Hope this helped!

Feel free to ask us anything at puneheritagefestival2017@gmail.com



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