Profile #6: Film and Television Institute of India (Prabhat Film Studios)


Over the last century, cinema has been a way of life for Indians. The lush green campus of the FTII doubly stands for this way of life. It is the land of erstwhile Prabhat Film Company and currently houses the Film and Television Institute of India, the country’s top cinema school.

Prabhat Film Company was founded in 1929 in Kolhapur and shifted here in 1933. V.Shantaram, probably the most progressive filmmaker of his time, founded this along with Damle, Fattelal and his other colleagues. Over next three decades, Prabhat made an incomparable mark on Indian cinema with its socially relevant films. As Shantaram left Prabhat, the company was eventually defunct in 1953.

FTII began in those premises in 1960, giving a new turn to the cinematic connection. Hundreds of the big names in Indian Cinema are alumni of this institute. FTII houses a ‘Prabhat museum’ within its campus, exhibiting all the available original costumes, properties, contracts of Prabhat Film Company, equipment, posters and stills. It was also politically demanded in recent times, that the institute changes its name to Prabhat-FTII, commemorating the historic film company.


FTII also has its own share of history and mythical elements like the ‘wisdom tree’ on the campus. It has a bunch of stories attached to it, adding to that campus’s heritage and making it ever popular.

The Heritage Walk of FTII was conducted for the first time ever in the Pune Heritage Festivals. We bring for you once again a tour of the institute. What is new?! the opening of the only functional Film Lab in India!


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