Festival Inauguration Ceremony -Symposium on Urban Heritage

Symposium on Urban Heritage as a part of the Inaugural function of Sixth Pune Heritage Festival focuses on the present development scenario and the conservation dilemma in cities as well as the scope and benefits of heritage conservation. Jointly organised with Sustainability Initiatives, the symposium is structured around some case studies, presentations on heritage bylaws and panel discussions. We have invited different stakeholders to share their experiences and views on the subject.

When we speak of urban heritage in development it is mostly in the context of a “monument” or “heritage building/structure”. Seldom do we consider the historic residential or commercial areas, intangible cultural aspects linked with it as heritage. We also find a disconnect between the cultural heritage and the natural resources such as the rivers and tekdis, which too constitute urban heritage. In recent times, large infrastructure projects that have landscape impact on the city have challenged the future of the urban heritage which makes it important for us to start a dialogue on how urban heritage conservation can become integral to development of Pune.

The benefits of urban heritage conservation are highly underrated. Many cities across the world are realising that conserving heritage, both natural and cultural, improves the quality of life and livability in the city. Culture tourism is the largest employing industry for skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled labour. Thus conservation of cultural heritage has tremendous economic benefits. Heritage conservation also brings about social cohesion. It supports traditional communities, traditional occupations and preserves cultural diversities from different times and space.

These & such themes will be central to the symposium content. Registration is free for all.


Symposium Schedule will be released soon!


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