Profile #7: Maharashtra Vruksha Samvardhini (MVS) – Mission Devrai

Nature conservation is very much a way of life in India, deep rooted in our ancient culture. Our forefathers, in a unique way, have ensured biodiversity conservation with people’s participation. Sacred groves and forests are examples of such traditional wisdom. Sacred Groves are forest patches dedicated to the local deity, and faith and taboo play a very effective forest guarding mechanism restricting human interventions in … Continue reading Profile #7: Maharashtra Vruksha Samvardhini (MVS) – Mission Devrai

Profile #3 : JeevitNadi

JeevitNadi is an ngo dedicated to rejuvenation of Mutha River in Pune. Pune’s history begins at the banks of the same Mutha that was recently declared as ecologically dead. The organization aims to sensitize people by re-connecting them to the river. Educating people to lead ecologically sensitive lifestyles along with garnering public support for the river rejuvenation project are some of the objectives of the … Continue reading Profile #3 : JeevitNadi