Profile #3 : JeevitNadi

JeevitNadi is an ngo dedicated to rejuvenation of Mutha River in Pune. Pune’s history begins at the banks of the same Mutha that was recently declared as ecologically dead. The organization aims to sensitize people by re-connecting them to the river. Educating people to lead ecologically sensitive lifestyles along with garnering public support for the river rejuvenation project are some of the objectives of the … Continue reading Profile #3 : JeevitNadi

Profile #1: Reserve Bank of India Archives

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) established the Co-operative Bankers Training College (CBTC) at Pune on September 29, 1969 to train the higher level personnel of State, Central and Urban Co-operative Banks. It was renamed as the College of Agricultural Banking (CAB) on February 16, 1974. The RBI Archives was established on August 24, 1981 and acts as a nodal agency in respect of records … Continue reading Profile #1: Reserve Bank of India Archives

When Dance-Music-Theater resounded through the Heritage of Pune!

Art is priceless. Yet budding musicians, dancers and young performing artists often struggle to find a budget venue to showcase their evolving talent. While. fees for auditoriums and halls run in lakhs of rupees, we need more culture spaces that are economically viable for people who want to nurture their art and present it for the general public. What better place than the heritage temples … Continue reading When Dance-Music-Theater resounded through the Heritage of Pune!

What’s New?

Festival activities beyond Pune ! So far you have participated in activities that were mostly within the Pune city. This year we extend ourselves. Some special bus tours will take you to explore sites of natural and cultural heritage value that are away from the city. Do you want to organize an activity in the festival? Simply submit your event! Are you an independent professional, tour company or … Continue reading What’s New?

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Theme 2017: Pune, a Confluence of Cultures

The Pune Heritage Festival 2017 brings to you an imagination of Pune’s future through a different perspective of Pune’s past. Our Festival Theme for this year – ‘Pune, a Confluence of Cultures’, is influenced by the fact that Pune, as we know, is growing exponentially. So many people from different parts of the country and nationalities are living in this city.
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